One, two, three


I remember the first time me and my friend took the Matatu ( small taxi type bus) to go from Kampala to Nansana where we were working at the Community Primary School.
We agreed with the driver to pay 3,000 UGX ( Ugandan Schillings) for the ride.

Once we arrived we wanted to confirm again and showed the number 3 with our hands and said:” It’s 3k right?” The guy looked at us and at our fingers showing the number three and started yelling “NO IT’S 3k!”. We didn’t understand and repeated “Yes it’s 3k” and showed him again the number 3 with our fingers. The guy got pissed and said again: “No, I said THREE!” We thought we were in the wrong movie as we all were argueing about the same price. I did not understand why the guy was upset. He kept repeating  “No, we agreed 3k” while we actually were not contesting the price.

We suddently realized the way we were showing the number 3 with our fingers was not the same way the driver was showing it. This is what created the misunderstanding.

This made us all laugh.

african_gist_25oct16_smpl_colMariela  from Luxembourg to Uganda

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