African Gist contributed to the first report on repats

Do you remember African Gist being on the panel at the Inspir’Talk conference organized by Inspir’Afrika Magazine at the MEDEF in Paris?

Following the event, Inspir’Afrika magazine released a report on the repats. This report is a unique collection of statistics on the repats and the reasons why they return to Africa.
Who are they? In which sector do they work? And why do some members from the diaspora refuse to go back and contribute to the development of the Continent?

In her contribution, our founder, Cynthia Mukendy, adviced that the repats understand the African environment and how they can contribute to the market before going to the Continent.

She also mentioned the need for the diaspora to be humble and ready to learn from their pairs. Finally, she talked about the needs of African companies when it comes to hiring foreign task force.

Here are some data from the report: 32% of repats are entrepreneurs creating jobs in Africa, 95% of repats did not receive any support for their return, only 14% of the repats work in IT.

Read and download the report here: Report 

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