What we’ve learnt from Black Panther

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I think we are all familiar with the: WAKANDA FOREVER right now.
Black panther is finally out and we can’t count the number of positive comments  we’ve heard about it. Looking at the months preceding its release,  the internet black community has been all excited about the movie and now that it’s out, the pride has reached a higher level. Smashing records with $218 Million at the box office, Black Panther has become a MUST SEE!

The success of the movie surely comes from the amazing cast and the fact that it is of course a MARVEL happening in AFRICA!
Among all the good elements making Black Panther so exceptional, we should mention its amazing online marketing.

The Marvel has used us some of the best marketing practices you can take learnings from while promoting your brand on social media. We have listed five:


  1. Give your audience what they need

Black panther was released at the right time. This  African super-hero totally changes the perception and black feeling of African youths. More than a warrior, he is a voice to an entire continent seeking for more visibility and empowerment.
The name “Black Panther” itself has a double meaning as it also make reference to the Black Panther Party, movement active in the 70’s and  fighting for the rights of black people in the US.

While thinking about marketing your product, make sure your audience needs it and wants it. Don’t try to force content your audience won’t be responsive to, listen to what they want because at the end of the day, they are more in numbers.



2. Be relevant

Not only black panther is filling the audience needs but it was released at the right time. Looking at the last scandals on bad treatments of black people around the World ( USA, Lybia, etc…) and the embarrassing adverts discriminating black people, the afro- community needed something to be proud of, a hero they can identify themselve with.
They needed their culture to be honored and respected and Black Panther carries that message : Take us as we are.

Giving your audience what they need is not enough to make your idea outstanding. You have to give them something relevant for them at the moment. Think about ways to make your product needed and relevant.




3. It’s a team work

The publicity around Black Panther was quite intense. For the Kenyan actress Lupita Nyongo, promoting Wakanda land became a full time job.  Posting every day on Instagram, the super star made Wakanda more real and worth to wait.

While marketing your product, don’t do it alone. Ask your team or more experienced people for their opinion and support. There is more in several heads than in one.
Also, do involve your employees,co workers, family and friends in promoting your product.


4. Be authentic

What we love about Black Panther is the coolness of the cast crew. Spontaneous, fun and proudly wakandians, they made us want to be part of  the Kingdom.

While marketing your product, don’t forget to interact with your audience, stay authentic, be yourself, share your company/organization’s values. People are looking for a brand they can relate to, not one too big to be approached.



5.Don’t neglect feedbacks

We’ve seen many fun content about Black Panther on the internet. This is what implemented all the excitment around the movie.

After releasing your product, do not neglect your audience’s feedbacks.
It will also help you see which feature can implemented to improve users’ experience.
Indeed, They might have a different understanding of your product and his will help you know how they feel about your brand.
Don’t  forget : At the end of the day, if your audience is happy, it will positively impact the feeling around your product/ brand.



5. Have fun, enjoy the ride

Finally, have fun. Look at how your product is perceived by the audience, how they get familiar with it. Answer their questions and be proud of your work.




eCynthia Mukendy